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Megan has worked within the rural industry for over 30 years, providing a rural advisory service to a wide range of family farm businesses, and is an integral partner of Mandurama’s Hilton Partnership a commercial cattle property in NSW.


Having completed studies at Orange Agricultural College, Megan furthered her education in accountancy and is currently completing a Masters of Agricultural Business Management. Megan co-authored a book titled ‘A 21st Century Approach to Farm Business Management – Quadruple Bottom Line Planning’. This book is a practical guide to farm business management with a holistic approach.



With extensive experience working with farming families along with lecturing in agribusiness planning at Charles Sturt University, Megan has specialist knowledge in the field of farm business management. ​ Megan uses a holistic approach to include human and environmental elements when working with farm businesses and farming families.

“I am certain, to sustain and grow our family farms for now and generations to come we must be very deliberate with our decision-making process.”

Megan Rowlands, 


Anna has been working with Megan since 2006 in a supporting and administrative role with proficiency in all aspects of office systems, office management and computer accounting.


After completing studies at Orange Agriculture College, Anna worked in a diverse range of agricultural entities.  Anna with her husband Gus run their own cattle operation near Woodstock, NSW where Anna is integral in the management of their farm business. 


Anna brings to MR Business Management Services a broad knowledge of agricultural business management with a holistic approach and expertise in office administration.

‘I am passionate about our farm being sustainable and moving forward ecologically for us to hand over to our children.  I am very aware for this to happen we must take a holistic approach to our grazing business.  I love where I am and what I do and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others to help them find their direction..’

Anna Hickman

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