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Providing farm management teams with one-on-one tailored workshops

Our Workshops

Tailored to advance both farm and business towards successful and defined outcomes. All workshops are approved by RAA under Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program allowing 50% rebate for eligible participants.

Loan and Drought Loan Application Support

Now available 

MR Business Management Services provides tailored assistance for loan applications including current government-funded drought loans. The time requirement is dependent on the loan type, your business size and complexity. Discuss with us how we can assist you with your application.

Big picture strategic workshops available:

Strategic Planning for Farm Business Management

An opportunity to plan the longer-term direction of your own farm business across the people, landscape, production & marketing and financial. This hands-on workshop is designed for a farm business team approach.

Face to face, one-on-one, 1.5 days

5-year Production and Financial Planning Workshop

This two-day workshop allows an opportunity to develop skills in longer term production and financial planning. You will develop a 5-year plan for your own farm business (using an excel template), investigate varying scenarios and understand the likely performance outcomes.

Face to face, one-on-one, 2.5 days

Facilitated Farming Family Workshop

This workshop is tailored to identifying the needs of each individual family.  It supplies an opportunity to work together as a team and to support each member's desired short, medium and longer-term aspirations.

Face to face, one-on-one, 1.5 days

Annual planning and analysis workshops available:

Annual Farm Business Performance Analysis Workshop

Have your actual farm financial performance analysed and develop a greater understanding of the performance of your business to assist with forward planning and decision making.

Face to face, one-on-one, 1/2 day

Annual Planning Workshop

Develop an annual production plan and cashflow budget for the year ahead, with knowledge of the season in which the business is operating.

Face to face, one-on-one, 1 day

Quarterly Monitoring and
review  Workshop

Tactical decisions need to be reviewed continually in the context of the bigger plan.  This workshop provides the opportunity to do just that for your own business.

Face to face, one-on-one, 1/2 - 1 day

Brian and Sally Spackman

Bendick Murrell NSW

‘As our children have grown and our business has changed Megan’s business has changed with us always meeting our business needs. We will continue to use Megan Rowlands BMS as we begin the next stage of our business plan looking at successional change.'

Ed Henry,

Former Adjunct Senior Lecturer – Farm business management.​


'Co-operative team planning that accommodates all family members is Megan’s distinctive strength. She practices what she preaches in her own family farm business.’

Kate Garrett

Director, Boyce Chartered Accountants, Goulburn NSW

‘The process Megan works through with each client is structured and detailed with a focus on planning for the short and longer-term, and from there the progression of regular monitoring keeps the client accountable, helps them to analyse their performance and position and make timely decisions.'

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